Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've won the lottery

You know those people who say they would still go to work every day if they won the lottery? I am not one of them. I would be on the first plane to somewhere exotic (Mexico is up there on my to-go list).

I recently returned from the most amazing three-week trip around the USA. I had been planning it for years and it was amazing, but I found myself thinking, why do I work again? And then I remind myself. I work to pay for the very travel I’m now enjoying.

So I’m now back at work and having major travel withdrawals - finding to hard to concentrate on my work, unable to make it through the day without an unhealthy reliance on caffeine products and sugar (ok, so I’ll admit that may have existed before the holiday) and a general longing to be at an airport, somewhere, anywhere!

So I’ve decided to write like I have won the lottery. No, I’m not crazy. Please humour me and read on.

I’m going to continuously travel via this blog, until I can get on the next international flight outta here. I’ll reminisce about my most recent adventures and all those before that. And when I finally get on the next one – I’ll add that too! It will be almost like I’ve won the lottery and can travel everyday, rather than going to work. Don’t feel jealous, I won’t be giving up my day job.

And just maybe, while you are working your day job, you might steal a look when you are bored, distracted, can’t find any sugar/caffeine, and help me keep the travel dream alive!

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